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Send your purchases with international logistics companies that allow you to track, have anti-lost insurance and more. We do not recommend sending by national postal mail as they do not provide a tracking number and it usually takes 2 months and in some cases the goods may be lost.

There is a lot of interest in buying in the Chinese market, importing products from China and reselling them in your online store, or in your private business. For all small entrepreneurs, people who want to start a business or for small companies.

Buying cheap clothes and Chinese accessories has been, is and will always be a good business. One of the reasons is that China, being one of the largest manufacturers in the world, can offer very good quality garments at really very low prices for those who want to get into the fashion business. Anyway, there is so much offer on the Internet, that it is very difficult to find Chinese shops that you can really trust and that offer a minimum of guarantee and security.