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You save time and effort not having to move your Garden Sprinkler. Plastic ABS base, aluminum tube water conduit.No more trouble about irrigation. Buy it now!

Heavy-duty metal construction and rust-resistant components provide years of reliable irrigation.
18 durable clog-resistant plastic nozzles for superior water dispersal and even distribution.
Suitable for lawn irrigation, garden sprinkler, garden watering, cement curing.
Sprinklers for high-speed rail/bridge maintenance can be used for well water, pond water, ground water, river water, etc., without jamming.
You can easily control spray distance, intensity, and angle. No more wasting water spraying the street or the neighbor's property while missing part of your yard with our water sprinkler.

Name: 18 Hole Oscillating Sprinkler
Material: Aluminum
Color: Green
Product Size: 460X150X140mm
Sprayer Distance: 8-15m.
Withstand Water Pressure: 1-6kg (long-term use, no more than 8 kg)
Package Size: 47 * 15 * 15cm / 18.5 * 5.9 * 5.9in
Package Weight: 310g / 10.93oz

Package List:
1 * 18 Hole Oscillating Sprinkler

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