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The iron frame has strong load-bearing, and the hardware is treated by baking paint, with good rust prevention performance.
The rack is easy to assemble and disassemble, it can be installed on the wall and make use of the space to keep your garage / tool room clean and tidy.
It can store multiple electric tools at one time, which is an easy-to-use tool storage assistant.

The 1-layer tool organizer has 4 hanging slots design, which can hold 4 electric drill at once.
The 2-layer tool organizer including a 4 slots rack for hanging electric drill and a tool shelf for keeping the battery of the electric drill.
The 3-layer tool organizer is formed of a PB board, a tool shelf and a 4-slot hanging rack, which can store various kinds of tools like pliers, screwdriver, wrench, steel tape, etc.

Layer: 1 Layer / 2 Layer / 3 Layer (Optional)
Material: Iron wire

Packing List:
1 Layer:
1 * Board
1 * Left Support Rack
1 * Right Support Rack
1 * Middle Rack
1 * Bottom Shelf
1 * Package of Screw

2 Layer:
1 * Upper Shelf
1 * Bottom Rack
1 * Package of Screw

3 Layer:
1 * Shelf
1 * Package of Screw

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