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Digital temperature sensor
Handling your RTD needs.
3-wire PT100 waterproof and high temperature resistant probe.
With fixing screw hole, convenient to install and fixed.
Could be used with any microcontroller.
Temperature range: 20℃ to 400℃(version A); -20℃ to 220℃( version B)

Material: PCB
Version: A; B(optional)
Voltage: DC8-25V(12V recommended)
Working current: 8-13mA
Temperature measurement range:
    version A: -20℃ to 400℃
    version B: -20℃ to 220℃
Accuracy: 1%
PT100 Probe
Probe diameter: 6.5mm
Probe length: 30mm
Probe material: stainless steel
Line length: 0.5m 3-wire type
Material: ABS
Outer diameter: 73*36*24mm / 2.9*1.4*0.9in
Inner diameter: 70*33*21mm / 2.8*1.3*0.8in
Item weight: 32g / 1.13ounce
Package weight: 36g / 1.27ounce
Package size: 60*30*16mm / 2.4*1.2*0.6in

Packing List:
1 * Sensor Module

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