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Note: mobile phone display, no flow, self-contained WiFi, car borne radar reverse view camera, radar data displayed on the mobile phone, not included in the mobile phone.

Its visual angle is up to 170 degree, which gives you a full view of the rear road while reversing, no blind area. Even a new driver could back the car into a garage safely and easily.
Wifi Connection: Video recording and video sharing functions can be achieved by connecting smart devices with wifi of the camera.
Electronic rearview mirror: Through the device end to watch in real time, after entering the rear view video, you can watch in real time.
Forward-looking function: It can be installed in front, rear, left and right visual blind area, and the software can be opened for real-time monitoring.
Wireless transmission: Reversing picture can see by smart phones APP&APK through the wifi connection to achieve visual, widely used in Cars, SUV, MPV and some minivans with 12V voltage can not be used for 24 V voltage equipment.
Low bit rate video coding techology: The image is clear and smooth, without delay. Super night vision: Make driving safer at night.
Waterproof: IP67 waterproof level, no demand for flow mobile phone display.   
The most important thing is: WiFi is connected to the mobile phone, the mobile phone displays the distance between the reversing image and the radar to detect obstacles, and at the same time, the mobile phone horn prompts the alarm.

Transmittal: Wifi digital signal
1/4 CMOS  Total Pixels:720*504 pixels  DC12V                                                          
Lens Angle:170 degree 
Mini Lumination: 0 Lux                                             
Waterproof : IP67     
Respond distance:0.3-2.0M                    
System support:Android、 IOS                                                                                 
Sensor diameter:16.5mm Buzzer (Bi Bi….)
Signal strength: 50-80M
Operating temperature: -20℃~+70℃
Storage temperature: -30℃~+80℃
Working humidity: 90%RH
Receiver: Ios or Android Devices
Senor: CMOS
Image pixels: Mega pixels
Viewing angle: 120°~150°
Minimum illumination: 0.1Lu/F2.0
Power Supply: DC12V
Night vision distance: 5-10M
Waterproof level: IP67
Package size: 32*2.2*5cm
Package weight: 650g
Package included:
1 x camera
1 x camera video cable
1 x radar host
4×2.5m probe
1 x drill bit
1 x power cord
1X English Instruction Manual
2X screw

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