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[DIY Robotic Kit] Suitable for teenagers, adults and STEM students to having fun in the field of science and technology.
[360° Flexible Rotating Base] Using round disk bearing and copper cylinder work as king tower to protect the steering engine from large load, and the holder base can be rotated in 360 degree, which make the arm more flexible and longer serive life.
[Smooth Grab] Disk bearings in major diameter are adopted to make the robotic arm moving more stable and smooth.
[Strong Bearing] Even under the circumstance of ultimate pressure, the arm can still hold a relative high level of capacity to bear load.
[Solid & Durable] Made of high quality material duralumin that thick 2mm, which features solid and durable.

Assembly required.

Robotic Claw
Item Weight: about 40g / 1.41oz
Max. Opening Gap: 86mm / 3.38in
Length(closed): 83mm / 3.26in
Width(open): 150mm / 5.9in
Width(closed): 55mm / 2.16in
Thickness(with steering engine): 54mm / 2.12in

MG995 Steering Engine:
Item Size: 4.07*1.97*4.29cm / 1.6*0.77*1.68in
Tensile Force: 15kg/cm(6V)
Wiring: Yellow(for signal); Red(anode); Brown(cathode)

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Item Size: 33*22cm / 12.99*8.66in
Package Size: 27.5*17.5*5cm / 10.82*6.88*1.96in
Package Weight: 1445g / 50.97oz

Packing List:
1 * G6 Claw
5 * 995 Steering Engine
5 * Bearing
5 * Tiller
50 * Flat Head Screw[M3*8] 
50 * Flat Head Screw[M3*12]
80 * M3 Nut
3 * Combination Stand
2 * U-Shaped Stand
1 * L-Shaped Stand
1 * Holder(pack)
1 * Pack of Screw

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