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Open heel design with adjustable strap allows you to wear fin socks or diving booties to protect you feet from cold and blisters.
ADJUSTABLE STRAP allows convenient adjustment for proper tightness and easy put on and remove the fins.
OPEN HEEL provide convenience to wear a fin sock or diving booties to protect your feet (you are suggested to choose a bigger size if wear with diving booties).
DRAIN HOLE is to outlet the water in time and streamlined body effectively reduce the water resistance for free exploration underwater.
SUPERIOR TPR constructed, tough but flexible, neither too hard nor too soft for free action in the water.
Material: TPR + PP
Application: Adults / Kids (optional)
Size: S-M / L-XL (optional)
Color: Black / Blue / Red / Yellow (optional)
Weight: 590-945g / 1.3-2.0lb  
Package weight: 600-955g / 1.3-2.1lb

Size chart:

Size  EU US Inner length Total length Width  Height
Adults  S/M 37-41 4-8 22.0cm/8.6in 40.2cm/15.8in 18.6cm/7.3in 7.5cm/2.9in
L/XL 42-45 9-11 24.3cm/9.5in 42.8cm/16.8in 19.2cm/7.5in 9.0cm/3.5in
Kids  S/M 24-29 9-13 17.5cm/6.8in 34cm/13.3in 16.8cm/6.6in 6.0cm/2.3in
L/XL 30-35 1-4 19.5cm/7.6in 37.2cm/14.6in 17.5cm/6.8in 7.0cm/2.7in
Package list: 
1 * Pair of Diving Fins 

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