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Hot glue gun with higer power is an easy-to-use adhesive tool not only for DIY crafts making but also for quick daily repairs. With this tool, you make your project finished more quickly and effectively. Come on and try it.

The temperature can be adjusted and the constant temperature can be maintained. There is a PTC heating core inside, which can fast heat up, which can heat up quickly and reach its peak in about two minutes.
The tool is made of advanced engineering plastics, the quality is fine.
The product uses high-tech electronic ceramic PTC.
The product is highly energy-efficient, pollution-free and environmentally friendly.
The nozzle can adjust the flow, if the nozzle is blocked, it can be easily removed.
The structure of the gun are especially lightweight, aluminum-plastics integrated gun chamber heat insulation device, extend the service life, and it is comfortable to use.
Insulation electric strength does not breakdown within 3750 V/min.
Can be used for home, office, DIY crafts projects with metal, wood, glass, fabric, plastics, ceramics and more.

Material: plastics+aluminum
Color: white+orange
Working voltage: 100-240V
Maximum power: 120W
Warm-up time: 3 minutes
Cable length: 1250mm / 49.2in
Handle Length: 205mm / 8.1in
Gun Head Length: 125mm / 4.9in
Nozzle diameter: 2mm / 0.08in
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Temperature setting: 100-220℃
Item weight: 302g / 10.7ounce
Package weight: 360g / 12.7ounce
Package size: 270 * 195 * 50mm / 10.6 * 7.7 * 2.0in

Packing List:
1* Hot melt glue gun

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