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Measuring Range — The refrigerator thermometer measures temperature in -50℃ – 70℃ / -58℉ – 158℉, it is suitable for fridge, freezer or as a general room thermometer at restaurants, bars, home and other occasions.
Large LCD Display — 2.3 inches large LCD display resolution 0.1 ℃/0.2℉, can help you to read the temperature accurately, just at a glance from across the room and you can easily read the display with it's big digits.
Easy to Place — Magnetic back, can be attchached on any metal surface such as refregerator; Velcro back easily to attach on any place your want. And with a hook can be use to stand on the table or hanging up for use.
High & Lowe Temperature Alarm — Customize your own high/low temperature alarm value, as the temperature is over/blow the setted value, the alarm temperature value will flash, at the same time indicator will flash and will ring.
Simple to Use — 4 button operation include UP/DOWN, SET, ℃/℉. Press SET to enter alarm value setting, and UP/DOWN to choose value. Simple Press ℃/℉ button to switch display unite.

Model: A0909B Thermometer / A0909C Thermometer Hygrometer  (optional)
Color: White
Temperature Measure Range: -50℃ – 70℃ (-58℉ – 158℉)
Temperature Measure Accuracy: +/- 1℃ (+/- 1.8℉)
Resolution: 0.1 ℃ (0.2℉)
Humidity Measure Range: 10%-99%RH  (A0909C)
Humidity Measure Accuracy: +/-5%RH  (A0909C)
Resolution:1%RH  (A0909C)
Unite: ℃/℉ Switchable
High/Low Temperature Alarm: Custom alarm value
LCD Display Size: 2.3inch
Install Method: Magnet attachement, Stand, Attached by Velcro
Item Size: 62*41*19mm/2.4*1.6*0.7in

Operation Method:
1. Press the SET button for 2 seconds to set the high  temperature alarm, then the high temperature alarm temperature starts to flash, press "UP/DOWN" to adjust the alarm temperature value, then short press the SET button, the low temperature alarm temperature starts to flash, press "UP/DOWN" to adjust the alarm temperature value, then press the SET button to exist settings.
2. Press ℃/℉ key to switch between Celsius/Fahrenheit display.

Note: When the LCD display is not clear, please repolace the battery in time (battery not include)

Packing List:
1 * Refrigerator Thermometer

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