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This DIY alarm clock kit features 16 menu settings in CLOCK MODE and you can also adjust at will in MUSIC SPECTRUM MODE. In this way, you can set a variety of different functions through touch-keys and wake up the clock by voice.

[DS3231 Clock Chip] With DS3231 high accuracy clock chip(with temperature compensation), it can still accurately travel time and display real time after powered by backup battery(NOT included). 
[Large LED Display] With highlight RGB color lights and 6-digit digital display, intuitively and clearly display time, temperature, date, week, etc..
[Touch-control] Use built-in touch-buttons to set different functions, convenient and easy to operate.
[Music Spectrum Mode] Connected to a music player, it can switch and display different music spectrum beating effects.
[Switchable Mode] Long press the setting key (square icon) to switch between time mode and music spectrum mode.
[Multiple Color Change] A variety of conversion effects and speeds are available, and you can short press the setting button (square icon) to pause the color change at any time.
[Switchable Format] Hour format(12H/24H); date format(month-day / day-month); temperature format(°C/°F).
[16 Function Settings] Time setting, date setting, alarm setting, format setting, switching effect selection, switching duration setting, LED effect selection at the bottom, automatic dimming switch function, voice-activated wake-up switch function, custom number color, hourly and half-hourly chime animation effect setting, digital conversion effect of seconds setting, countdown function, stopwatch function, color gradation speed setting, LED quality test. (The functions are arranged in the order of numbers 0-15 as shown.)
[Automatic Data Saving] Automatically save setting data when power off accidentally.

Material: ABS
Color: Black
Delivery: semi-finished / in bulk (Optional)
Power Supply: CR2032(Not Included) / DC 5V USB Connection
Item Size: Approx. 25*4.6*7cm / 9.84*1.81*2.76in
Package Size: Approx. 25*4.6*7cm / 9.84*1.81*2.76in 
Package Weight: Approx. 520g / 18.34oz

– Please read the Users Manual carefully before use.
– The semi-finished kit has been welded, and the buyer only needs to assemble the acrylic boards, while the bulk kit needs to be welded and assembled by customers.
– Long press the setting key (square icon) to switch Clock Mode / Music Spectrum Display Mode.
– Short press the setting button (square icon) to pause the color change.
– Short press the switch button (triangular icon) to switch the color effect.
– The soldering temperature should be below 320℃, otherwise it may damage the LED.
– The LED soldering iron must be grounded and you' d better weld fast with an electrostatic bracelet.

Packing List:
1 * Digital Alarm Clock
1 * USB Cable

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