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High-strength aluminum alloy with CNC machining.
Ergonomic three-finger levers for comfort.
Suitable for 22.2mm handlebar diameter.
Brake pads distance is adjustable.
Strong sealing for easy maintenance.
Applicable to power assisted bicycle and electric scooter.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Black / Red (optional)
Type: Electric power-off oil disc brake
Mounting Base Screw Hole Spacing: B-pillar: 51mm; A-pillar: 74mm
Brake Pad Clearance Adjustment: Knob adjustment (unique and convenient)
Front Pipe: 890mm
Rear Pipe: 1570mm
Weight: Front: 272g; Rear: 283g

Note: When the brake pads are worn, just adjust the knob to reduce the distance between the two brake pads, so that your braking feeling can always be in the best state and maintain a good braking feeling for a longer time. However, when the wear reaches a certain degree, it is recommended to replace the brake pads immediately.

Package List:
1 * Front Caliper
1 * Rear Caliper
2 * Rotor

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