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Multi-purpose: It can be applied to grind baby food, seasoning,  grain, coffee beans, nuts, Chinese herbal medicine, and etc. 
Food-grade material:  Made  of 304 stainless steel, it's odorless and safe.   
Easy to operate: Just add the ingredients and press the cover to make it work. The transparent lid enables you to know when to add the food. 
Fully grinding: The double blade can fully grind ingredients, releasing the flavor to the largest extent. 
Easy to fill and clean: Largemouth means that it's convenient to pour peppercorns in without spillage. It also comes with a little brush that can remove the residues in the corner. 

Name: electric grinder 
Material: ABS+304stainless steel 
Color: black/white(optional)  
Size: 173*90mm 
Voltage: 220V
Power: 150W
Capacity: 100g 

Package information: 
Size: 110*115*195mm  
Weight: 698g 

Package list:
1*charging cable 

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