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The Enchen BlackStone3 comes with a system of three rotating and independent heads, these allow a more complete shave that calls “3D”. Thanks to the independent movement of each head it is, in fact, possible to shave the beard even in the most difficult points such as around the lips, cheeks, and chin. The razor blades are ultra thin and have a double ring structure, this is to be able to cut as many hairs with a larger contact surface.

3D floating tool head, Intelligent  flexible for various facial contours
* Deal with beard moustache whiskers, Double-ring mesh, increase the contact area between the mesh and the face and effectively improve the shaving efficiency.
3 Heads 360°Flex Shaving Clean and Fast
* Blade and mesh are made of imported steel with sharp shaving. Automatic grinding technology, the blade, and mesh will grind each other, without frequent replacement of the head.
Separate Design
* The Shave Head can be taken out for easy cleaning.

Item name: ENCHEN Blackstone3 Replacement Shaver Head
Material: ABS
Blade: Stainless steel
Features: 3D floating triple blade

4.Package List:
1 * Replacement Shaver Head

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