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Mosquito Killing Lamp & Electronic Mosquito Swatter 2-in-1: automatic killing mosquitoes by 400nm ultraviolet wave lamp at night when you hang it on the wall, or hand-held the swatter to killing mosquitoes.
Intelligent Mosquito Killing Lamp: using frequency conversion light wave technology to attract mosquitoes to fly to the high-voltage net and kill them, which is safe and harmless to human body.
Killing Mosquitoes by Physical Way, Safe and Convenient: with an instantaneous voltage of 3500V, it can effectively kill mosquitoes and other flying insects.
3-layer Net Design: protective safety nets on both sides, and high-density electric shock net in the middle. It only kills mosquitoes and does not hurt you, which is safe and reliable.
Lithium Battery Operated: after charging, it can be used continuously for 6-8h. The hand-held electric swatter has strong mosquito killing effect, making it easy for you to remove mosquitoes.

Color: Green / White (Optional)
Material: PP
Power: 2W
Input: DC5V/1A
USB Charging: 4H
Lithium Battery: 1000mAh
Item Size: 525 * 218 * 12mm / 20.67 * 8.58 * 0.47in
Item Weight: 250g / 8.81oz
Package Weight: 300g / 10.58oz
Package Size: 53 * 22 * 3.5cm / 20.87 * 8.66 * 1.37in

Packing List:
1 * Mosquito Swatter
1 * Charging Cable

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