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With this product, you can control your connected devices in a much stabler way after you connecting it to the ZigBee 3.0 hub, it can be applied to rocker light switch, you can share it with your family, it also has timer function, come on and try it.

It can be applied to rocker light switch but not can be used to reset switch.
Voice controlled lighting: use simple voice commands to control the light when your hands are full, very easy to operate it.
You can share it with your family ,then all of your family members can control it easily.
Timer function: It has time-setting and countdown options, you can set the-time you like.
Wireless remote control: Remotely turn your lights on via intelligent life APP wherever you are and turn it off manually on the same switch when at home.
Mini design: it can be hide in a wire box, it can transform the traditional switch into a intelligent one.

Material: ABS
Color: white
Voltage: alternating current 90V~250V
Max current: 10A
Package size: 52 * 47 * 18mm / 2.0 * 1.9 * 0.7in
Package weight: 50g / 1.8ounce

Packing List:
1 * Switch Module

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