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Designed with Unique Identification Code: you can connect the microphone transmitter and receiver by using the identification code if the frequency is interrupted for whatever reason.
0V, 5V, and 48V Voltage Adjustment, Compatible with Dynamic Microphone and Condenser Microphone to Realize Wireless Singing: 0V for dynamic microphone, 5V for condenser microphone or audio recording microphone, 48V for phantom condenser microphone.
Adopts Integrated Digital Chips: intelligent noise reduction, high sound quality reduction, strong anti-interference, and help you restore excellent sound quality.
Automatic Frequency Matching After Startup, 16 Groups of Frequency Points are Available: after the transmitter is powered on, it will automatically connect 16 adjustable frequency points with the idle receiver, supporting multiple sets of devices to be used at the same time.
Stable & Long-distance Reception: wireless transmission with 30~50M pickup distance, anti-interference and anti whistle, clear sound effect.
Equipped with a XLR to 6.35 Plug for Receiver: it can be used in the speaker, mixer, amplifier, guitar and other sound equipment.
Clear LED Display Screen: real time display of frequency band and electric quantity, letting you pay attention to electric quantity in time, and it is convenient to use. Highlight the on / off condition of the machine to prevent forgetting to shut down.
Built-in Long Endurance 800mAh Lithium Battery: high performance electric polymer lithium battery has a lasting endurance of more than 5 hours.

Material: ABS
Frequency Range: 500~980MHz
Channels: 16 frequency
Channel Spacing: 0.5~2.5MHz
Adjustment: DQPSK
Frequency Stability: ±3PPM
Frequency Response: 40Hz~20kHz
Range: 30~50M
Lithium Battery: 3.7V, 800mAh
Transmitter Size: 106 * 36 * 25mm / 4.17 * 1.42 * 0.98in
Receiver Size: 93 * 36 * 24mm / 3.66 * 1.42 * 0.94in
Item Weight: 140g / 4.93oz
Package Weight: 280g / 9.90oz
Package Size: 14.6 * 14.1 * 5.2cm / 5.75 * 5.55 * 2.05in

Packing List:
1 * Transmitter
1 * Receiver
1 * Converter
1 * Type-C Cable
1 * Manual (English)

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