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Kalimbas, also known as Thumb Piano, originates from Africa as a kind of portable musical instrument.

Beautiful Sound, Different Kind Of Melody: This 17-key kalimba is dedicated in sound quality – Bright, perfect echo and delay, which gives off a sweet, soothing and melodic sound.
Material & Design: Mainly made of solid wood body and ore steel tines. The solid wood body makes softer timbre and longer lasting sound. Advanced process ore steel tines, more elastic and durable. Has hand-rest curve design, delicate in details and finishing.
Perfect Gift for Adults / Kids: Easy to play and quick to learn it. It is helpful to cultivate musical talent of kids / adults who like music. Just grab this kalimba and show your music style anytime, anywhere.
A Range of Accessories: Can use the included tuning hammer for tone tuning. 2pcs silicone finger guards are designed to relieve fingers from pain, especially suitable for Kalimba beginners. Also comes with wipe cloth, 2pcs music Stickers, notes sticker, and flannelette bag. These accessories are offered for playing the kalimba rightly, safely and cleanly.

Brand: Muslady
Color: Vintage black / Brown / Blue (Optional)
Tonality: C tone
Keys: 17-key
Material: Solid wood body+ore steel tines
Item Size: Approx. 18.5 * 13.4 * 3.4cm / 7.3 * 5.3 * 1.3inch
Item Weight: 283g / 10oz(vintage black, brown); 266g / 9.4oz(blue)
Package Size: 23 * 19 * 7.6cm / 9.1 * 7.5 * 3inch
Package Weight: 472g / 16.6oz(vintage black, brown); 453g / 16oz(blue)

Packing List:
1 * Muslady 17-Key Kalimba
1 * Tuning Hammer
1 * Wipe Cloth
2 * Music Sticker
1 * Notes Sticker
2 * Finger Guard
1 * Flannelette Bag
1 * Kalimba Instructions (English)

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