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The control panel of the spot welding machine is a controller which is independently developed for the DIY or the simple resistance welding. The principle of silicon controlled phase shifting triggering is adopted to adjust the time and the current to achieve the purpose of welding. Uses of STM8 industrial microcontroller control center. 

Uses of STM8 industrial microcontroller control center.
Strong and weak electricity through optocoupler isolation, safe operation.
The power line and the foot switch line are adopt screw free quick connection terminal, more convenient and reliable.
Input time and current are using high accuracy single potentiometer, to ensure reliable input.
Convenient on-board powersupply, state, foot, trigger indicator, working state clearly visible.
The design of reliable zerocrossing detection circuit to ensure that the SCR phase shift accuracy.
The controller is compatible with 100A SCR.
Digital control interface, you can display the current time and current settings.
Time input 1-50, unit cycle (1 cycles is 20ms), current input (30-99%)

Name: Battery Spot Welding Set
Model: NY-D01
Material: metal + plastics
Item weight: 757g / 1.67lb
Package size: 202 * 105 * 135mm / 7.95 * 4.13 * 5.31in
Package weight: 855g / 1.88lb

Packing List:
1 * 100A Control Board
1 * 9V Transformer
2 * 16 Square Spot Welding Pen
1 * Metal Foot Pedal
2 * Spot Welding Needle
1 * Nickel Belt 0.15 * 8 * 10m

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