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This is a HF QRP SSB/CW transceivers.The utra-small size is easy to carry to outdoor use,using 1602N LCD screen. Support to connect to PC and use FT8, JS8, FT4 and other digital mode software control,support CW automatic decoding. This transceivers kit includes a large number of features defined by the firmware in the ATmega328P microcontroller chip.

8 band coverage 80m/60m/40m/30m/20m/17m/15m/10m and can reach 3-5W power in 8 bands and reserve TO-220/SMD(ILRI2060) pads required for upgrades.
High emission efficiency, 80m/60m/40m/30m/20m efficiency is higher than 85%,/17m/15m efficiency is higher than 80%,10m efficiency is higher than70% and frequency accuracy is better than 1ppm,frequency stability is better than 0.5ppm.
Independent main board and RF board to avert own signal interference, and small enough to fit even in your pocket and easy to travel with.
It has SDR I/Q output pin header on printed circuit board which can be extended with a 3.5 mm jack cord to connect a PC soundcard audio line input to decode with various SDR software as any SDR dongle.
It has a PTT OUT jack driven with a Solid State opto coupled relay capable of driving 500 mAh relays for example an external RF Power Amplifier relay directly.
DSP features:AGC(Automatic Gain Control),NR(Noise-reduction),VXO(Voice-triggered Xmit),ATT(Attentuators),TX noise gate,Tx drive control,volume control,dBm/s-meter.
SSB opposite side-band/carrier suppression Transmit:better than -45dBc, IMD3 (two-tone) -33dBc,Receive:better than -50 dBc.
Multiband support,continuously tunable through bands 160m-10m(and from 20kHz..99MHz with loss in performance).
Software-based VOX that can be used quick FullBreak-IN(QSK and semi-QSK operation) or assist in RX/TX switching for operating digital modes(no C-AT or PTT interface required),external PTT output/PA control with TX-delay.
Fully digital and software-based SSB transmit-stage:samples microphone-input and reconstruct a SSB-signal by controlling the phase of the SI5351 PLL(through tiny frequency changes over 800kbits I2C) and the amplitude of the PA (through PWM of the PA key-shaping circuit).
Three independent switchable analogs front-end receiver attenuators(0dB,-13dB,-20dB, -33dB, -53dB,-60dB,-70dB).

Material: Aluminum
Plug: EUPlug, USA plug (optional)
Working voltage: 9-13.8V (maximum 15V, but not recommended, and the transmission power will drop below 13.8V)
Mode support: USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM
DSP filter: 4000,2500,1700,500,200,100,50 Hz passband
Receiver noise floor MDS:-135dBm at 28MHz(in 200Hz BW)
Blocking dynamic ranges: 20kHz offset 123dB,2kHz offset 78 dB
Package size: 265 * 153 * 90mm / 10.4 * 6.0 * 3.5in
Package weight: 698g / 1.5lb

Packing list:
1 * Transceivers
1 * Microphone
1 * Adapter (Optional)
3 * Wrench

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