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This pressure washer kit includes a sprayer, a washer wand and 5 nozzle tips. The accessories for pressure washer compatible with Karcher K-Series.

This lightweight hard wearing sprayer & lance assembly is designed to fit pressure washers compatible with Karcher K-Series.
The compact quick release system on the end of the lance makes changing between attachments quick and easy.
11.6mm quick release outlet. 
High-quality stainless steel high pressure wash nozzle in a compact quick release nozzle holder.
450mm quick release 11.6mm extension lance.

Material: Metal
Max Ratings: 25l/min 280bar/400psi 150°C
Extension Length: 500mm / 19.69in
Package Weight: 1000g / 35.27ounces
Package Size: 550 * 190 * 50mm / 21.65 * 7.48 * 1.97in

Packing List:
1 * Sprayer
1 * Washer Wand
5 * Nozzles


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