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Before you order, please note that:
-RD6006 has two versions: RD6006-W has WIFI board, can use the WIFI board to connect APP, also can use USB cable to connect PC software. RD6006 doesn't have WIFI board, it only supports PC software by connecting with USB cable, not support APP.
-For APP and PC software, before buying, please download and install first, if it can't be installed because of some PC language and phone system problems, please stop buying.

RIDEN RD6006/RD6006-W Digital Control Switch DC Stabilized Power Supply Module PC Software WiFi App Control Voltage Current Regulator

There are two versions of the RD6018: with WiFi and without WiFi.
Large size 2.4inch colorful LCD screen, high brightness, multiple information will displayed in one screen.
Keypad + encoder potentiometer combination adjustment, instantaneous store/call out the setting parameters, convenient and effective to use.
Curve interface, support curve display, to show real time output voltage, current and power curve.
4-bit resolution, select high-precise chip, can provides high accuracy and stable performance.

RD6006-W only: APP wireless control(android 5.0, iOS10.0 and above), connect RD6006-W to APP through wifi(2.4G), can remotely monitor and set the digital power supply on your phone, friendly user interface, containing major functions which can be operate on the panel.

Model: RD6006/RD6006-W (optional)
Display Screen: 2.4 inch color LCD display
Input voltage range: 6-70V
Input voltage measurement resolution: 0.01V
Output voltage range: 0-60V
Output voltage measurement resolution: 0.01V
Output current range: 0-6A
Current setting measurement resolution: 0.001A
Output power range: 0-360W
Battery voltage measurement resolution: 0.01V
Output voltage accuracy: ±(0.3%+3 digits)
Output current accuracy: ±(0.5%+5 digits)
Input voltage accuracy: ±(1%+5 digits)
Battery voltage measurement accuracy: ±(0.5%+3 digits)
Output ripple typical: 100mV VPP
Constant voltage mode response time: 2ms (0.1A-5A load)
Constant voltage mode load adjustment rate : ±(0.1%+2 digits)
External sensor Temperature detection accuracy: ± 3℃/ ± 6℉
Constant current mode load adjustment rate: ±(0.1%+3 digits)
Screen brightness setting: 0-5 level, total 6 levels
Capacity and energy statistical error: ±2%

4.Package List:
1 * RD6006W

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