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Great Air Pump: SCULPFUN 30L/min air pump is very suitable for air-assisted laser engraving machine, perfectly suitable for SCULPFUN S10 or other similar air-assisted laser engraving machines.
High Durability: This air pump has been produced and sold in the market for more than 10 years. After long-term testing and verification, it has extremely reliable function and stability.
Adjustable Speed: The air pump has a speed control design, you can adjust the flow rate from 0-30L/Min by rotating the regulator, and adjust the airflow speed according to the needs of the laser engraving machine.
Low Noise and Low Vibration: Upgraded silent design, the internal structure of the machine and the external anti-vibration feet greatly reduce noise or vibration, providing a quiet working environment of less than 40dB.
Stable Air Pressure Output: High stability design, it can maintain a stable air output even if it has been working for a long time. 

Model: SCULPFUN 30L/Min Air Pump
Voltage: 200-240V
Power: 16W
Maximum air pressure: 0.03Mpa
Outlet diameter: 8mm
Packing Weight: 1.69kg/3.7lb
Package Size: 19x25x13.5cm/7.4×9.8×5.3in

Packing list:
1 x Air Pump
1 x Accessory Pack

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