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*Very convenient to use, simple wiring diagram connection way. 
*Support remote control up to 19 pieces. It can connect to the electronic control lock, light, electric curtain, etc. So that it can remote unlock the door, close the light, open or close the curtain, etc. 
*The working mode can be changed by yourself: you can switch to momentary, toggle, latching three modes as you need.
*Learning pair code: it can work with any remote control with the same frequency, so you needn't worry about losing remote control any more. (If the remote control is lost, buy one and pair with the PCB board is OK.)
*Small body, and it occupies less space. 

Power: AC85-220V
Standby Current: <5MA
RF Frequency: 433MHz
RF working mode: superheterodyne reception
Receive sensitivity: -108dbm
Transmitting distance: 100m (open area)
Remote control storage: up to 19 PCS
Working mode: Momentary, Toggle, Latching 
Wiring type: fixed terminal
Output Terminal: NO , NC , COM
Remote Control battery(Each): 1 * button battery (included)
Supporting Remote Control Type: learning code (1527 chip) ; fixed code 

Package Information:
Package Size: Approx. 10*8*3cm/3.9*3.1*1.2in
Package Weight: Approx. 99g/3.5oz  (1PCS Remote Control)          
Package Weight: Approx. 130g/3.5oz  (2PCS Remote Control)  

Package List:
1* Smart Switch
1/2 optional * Remote Control    


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