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These decals show people where to stand as they socialize, work, or wait in a queue. They also remain the person how important it is to stay 2 Meters apart in public. You can use in retail facilities, grocery stores, pharmacy, Dr. Offices, Hospitals, Checkout lines, Entrances, Restaurants, Gas Station, Retail Store, Warehouse, any area that requires people to stand in lines.

[Practical]The text font is bold and printed, the warning is more intense, and it is easy to see when approaching the dangerous area.
[Social Distancing]Use our durable floor marking tape to help raise awareness of social alienation.
[High-quality]The stickers tape is produced on strong PVC material and laminated to improve durability.
[Easy to Use]We recommend you to thoroughly clean and dry the desire application surface to remove any dust, or grease, before applying the sticker.
[Widely Applicable]Suitable for temporarily marking sidewalks, queuing areas, supermarkets, restaurants, banks, offices, and other places where people gather.

Color: Yellow
Material: PVC, Acrylic
Style: Practical
Letter: Please Keep A Safe Distance of 2 Meters
Application: Road
Occasion: Office, Restaurant, Store, etc
Package size: 10*10*5cm / 3.93*3.93*1.96inch
Package weight: 100g / 0.22lb

Packing List:
1 * Social Distancing Stickers Tape


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