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Designed for smart phones, this UTi120Mobile mobile thermal imager is small in size, portable to carry and easy to operate. With clearer images and faster response speed, users can find problems faster and easier. It can detect temperatures up to 400°C, which can be an indispensable tool for checking power distribution boards, troubleshooting attacks or eliminating hidden heat sources inside and outside the house.

Designed for Android-based smart phones, support mobile APP, plug and play.
Compact structure and light weight, 2-meter drop resistance, portable to use and carry.
7 palette styles, including Iron Red, Rainbow, Gray Scale, Red Hot, Black White, Lava and High-Contrast Rainbow.
3 image modes, including thermal imaging, fusion and PiP (Picture-in-Picture).
Real-time image for temperature analysis of points, lines, rectangles and circles, and add 6 objects arbitrarily.
0.01~0.99 emissivity adjustable.
High and low temperature alarm function with wide temperature measuring range: -20℃~+400℃.
Swipe left and right to switch photographing and video shooting functions.
Support picture browsing, picture editing and temperature analysis.
Equipped with Type-C male-to-female extension cable, support USB data transfer.
Suitable for inspections of power distribution cabinet, electronic circuit board, HVAC, indoor and outdoor heat source hazard, heating tube, etc.

Model: UTi120Mobile 
Material: ABS
Color: Black
IR Resolution: 120*90
Output Frame Rate: ≤25Hz
Response Wave Band: 8~14μm
Pixel Size: 17μm
NETD: <60mK
Field of View (FOV): 50°(H)*38(V)
Focusing Mode: Focus-free
Measurement Functions: central point / highest temperature / lowest temperature
Measuring Range: -20℃~+400℃
Unit: ℃ / ℉
Emissivity: 0.01~1.0 (adjustable)
Palette: Iron Red, Rainbow, Gray Scale, Red Hot, Black White, Lava, High-Contrast Rainbow
Analysis Objects: point, line, rectangle, circle (can add up to 6 figures)
Take Photos / Videos: √
PiP (Picture-in-Picture): simultaneous display of mobile phone camera image and infrared image
High/Low Temperature Tracking: real-time tracking of the highest/lowest temperature in the thermal image
Drop Proof: 2m
Item Size: Approx. 5.9*2.7*1.9cm / 2.32*1.06*0.75in
Item Weight: Approx. 25g / 0.88oz
Package Size: Approx. 12*10*5cm / 4.72*3.94*1.97in
Package Weight: Approx. 205g / 7.23oz

Packing List:
1 * Mobile Infrared Thermal Imager 
1 * Micro USB to Type-C Interface Adapter 
1 * Type-C Male-to-Female Extension Cable
1 * Storage Case
1 * User Manual (English)

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