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With this timing chain tool, it makes effortless camshaft or cam phaser changes on your vehicle without losing chain tension and removing the timing cover.
High standard quality material ensures its maximum durability for years of use, good bearing capacity.
It is a Must Have Tool for timing chain installation and adjustment for Ford 4.6 5.4 3-Valve Engines.
Eliminate the noise and prevent it from reoccurring in the future. It is a simple way to solve your engine noise problem and eliminate possible piston and cam phaser failure.
Ensure the pulley and timing gears do not slip, it is a direct replacement part for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles. A must have tool to upgrading your engine performance.
Resistance on rust,deformation and crack. A long lasting finish.

Product Name: Engine Repair Tool Kit
Material: Steel
Size: as picture show
Package size: 350*123*33mm
Package weight: 980g

Package Include:
1x valve spring compressor tool
1x cam phaser holding tool
1x crankshaft positioning tool
1x timing chain locking tool
1x ford crank pulley bolt
2 x cam phaser lockout kit

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