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1. This is a small foldable portable washing machine, its small size is very suitable for washing children's clothes, underwear, socks, towels, etc. Elution dual-purpose, deep stain removal. The small washing machine can also exercise
the baby's self-care ability, and put your own clothes into the small washing machine for cleaning.
2. This foldable washing machine is made of durable ABS material, has a handle, and a portable bucket design, which can be walked away with a single mention. The folded part is made of soft rubber material, which is not easy to be
damaged and easy to carry.
3. This mini washing machine adopts ultrasonic positive and negative pulsator, which can easily wash clothes, imitating hand washing, without damaging clothes, and two-way power can easily remove stains, freeing your hands and your
family's hands.
4. This washing machine is easy to use, with waterproof buttons, one-button control of the washing machine, very convenient, just touch the button for two seconds to start the washing machine. And there is an intelligent timing switch,
there are three timing modes: 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes. It can also be used to clean fruit.
5. This washing machine has a drain hole, a drain pipe and a drain basket. It has all the functions of a large washing machine, which is very easy to use. It is a good helper for travel and home.

Material: ABS + Silica Gel
Color: Blue / Pink (Optional)
Special Function: Automatic Power Off & Dehydration Function & Timing
Timing: 1min / 5min / 10min
Voltage: 220V / 110V / 230V (Optional)
Plug: EU / US / UK (Optional) 
Package Size: 30 * 27 * 15.5cm / 11.8 * 10.6 * 6.1in
Package Weight: 1600g / 3.5lb

Note: Please read the product manual carefully before use.

Package list:
1 * Washing Machine
1 * Drain Hose
1 * Drain Basket

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